Student Transportation


All parents are welcome to take advantage of our bus service provided that their children live within the bus’s designated pick up zones. On rare occasions the bus/bus driver might be unavailable for service. On these days, the parents will be informed and will be expected to make alternate arrangements. 


Parents' Responsibility (School Bus)

Make sure that students are ready to board the bus at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time each day. There is only one bus to transport all the students in the city, and the bus driver will not be able to wait for students who are not ready on time. 

Call the driver to inform him when your child will not be attending school. Keep him aware of any changes. The school will provide the parents with the bus driver’s cell phone number included in the registration package. This package will be provided to the parents upon their child’s admittance in the school. It is the parents’ responsibility to speak personally to the bus driver and inform him of any changes.

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