Admission Policy

SMS exists for parents who are concerned about maintaining a consistent Islamic environment for their children whether they are at home or in a school setting. SMS offers courses approved by Saskatchewan Learning for students in kindergarten to grade 8. In addition, there are qualified instructors for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Quran. Parents SHOULD expect that the education their children receive would be in harmony with the Islamic teachings.  

Parents, by signing an application for admission, agree that their child/children will receive an education in an Islamic environment. The school is committed to providing certified teachers who will deliver the highest quality course of study based upon the Saskatchewan provincial curriculum. The school is also committed to providing the most qualified teachers for the religious education program.  

Parents should familiarize themselves with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Saskatoon Misbah School Inc. They should also be aware of the main features of the school administrative structure.  

By enrolling your child/children at the SMS Inc. you commit to accepting your financial obligation with respect to tuition. Saskatoon Misbah School Inc. will make every effort to offer affordable education and financial assistance to those in need. Applications for assistance must be made to the SMS Inc Board of Directors. 

Please note, that the normal channel of communication regarding areas of concern is to first consult the child’s teacher. If this should prove insufficient the next step would be to notify the Principal/Administrator, then finally, where necessary, the Board of Directors.  

Saskatoon Misbah School is a non-discriminatory school for both Muslim and non-Muslim students.  

Students entering the kindergarten program should be five years of age by January 31st

SMS requires all students to follow the behavioral expectations of the school.  

This handbook should answer most of the questions you may have about procedures and expectations at SMS. However, if you would like to read a more detailed description of the school’s policies, ask to see our Policy Manual

SMS welcomes questions, concerns and comments. Always feel free to phone the school and talk to our staff members.    

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