Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Quran and Sunnah, according to the methodology of the people of the Sunnah and Jama’ah, shall guide Saskatoon Misbah School.  Through the teaching of Islamic and academic courses, the school shall prepare students to:  

  • Succeed in this life and the hereafter 
  • Exceed the goals and requirements of the Saskatchewan Education Standard Program of Study and the Provincial Educational Goals 

In order to achieve these goals, Saskatoon Misbah School shall: 

  • Strive to achieve excellence in education while maintaining its status as a recognized Independent/associate school as outlined within the independent/associate school bylaws and regulations 
  • Provide an Islamic learning environment, which will develop an Islamic personality  
  • Foster good will among students 

SMS aims to provide high quality education to students. This education incorporates the values, attributes and behavior of Islam. Saskatoon Misbah School will respond to the desire of the parents to provide their children with an education without the loss of their Islamic identity.


SMS will provide a challenging educational experience in an outstanding learning environment. Our students should achieve high standards in core skills while preserving their Islamic character and developing spirituality, self-worth, independence and moral values. They should discover their strengths and develop a broad range of skills in a personalized, supportive environment. As a result, SMS students will be ethical, confident, motivated, self-disciplined, well rounded and articulate.

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