Misinformation campaign against elected SMS board

Dear SMS Parents and Members,

Assalam Alaykum,

We are aware of the misinformation campaign against your elected SMS board by a few individuals with very personal interests in the school. We unequivocally reject all these accusations, especially those concerning the relocation of the school to 20th Street, unilateral decisions, and spending funds. As of now, there is no plan, hidden or open, to relocate Saskatoon Misbah School. We will only consider moving to a new location after purchasing our own property, InSha Allah.

Regarding the transition to a Certified Independent School from being an SPSD affiliate school, this decision was not unilateral but was shared with the community last year. The transition, which took about a year, followed the normal timeline for such decisions at the ministry level. Any controversy arose after the fact, with certain individuals spreading misinformation within the community.

We want to clarify that we have not spent any funds on unapproved projects or projects unrelated to Misbah School.

We kindly request all our parents and members to seek evidence for any claims made against the Misbah School board and to question the motives of those spreading these falsehoods. See attached for the Frequently Asked Questions on this transition to CIS.

In the end, as Muslims, we should remind each other of our ultimate accountability to Allah.

Thank you

BOD- Saskatoon Misbah School

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