Administrative Policies

Code C – General School Division Administration 
​CAA Description of Administrative Structure​
​CBA Administrative Policy Renewal​​​
​​​​Code D – Business Administration
​DAA Budget
DAB Decentralized Funding Allocation
DAC Capital Budget Projections
DBA Honoraria
DBB​ Salary Grid – Teachers
DBE Payment for Noon Supervision
DBF Payment to Vendors
DCA Certification of Goods and Services Received
DCB Purchasing
DDA Non-Resident Student Tuition Fees
DFA Investments – Short Term
DGA Fund Accounting
DHA Accounting Guidelines
DHB Petty Cash Funds
DIA Inventory Management
DIB​​ Disposal of Property
DJB Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
DKA Business Administration:  Conflict of Interest
DLA​ Internal Controls
DLB​ Reporting Violations in Business Practices
DLC​ Meals, Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditures
​Code E – Support Services
​​​Staff Services​
EAB Off Street Parking at Schools
EAC​ Teacher Accident Insurance
Student Transportation​​
EBA Student Transportation
EBB​ Student Identified with Intensive Needs
​Code F – School Facilities
​FAA​ Break-ins, Thefts, Vandalism
​FAB​ Video Surveillance
​FAC​ Utilities Disruption
Code G – Personnel and Employee Relations
​​​​​​​​GBA ​Employee and Family Assistance Program
​GBB General Personnel Policies:  High School Chaplaincy Teams
GBC General Personnel Policies:  Leave of Absence for Political Office
GBD General Personnel Policies:  Personnel Files
GBG General Personnel Policies:  Employee Health and Safety
GBH General Personnel Policies:  Personal Harassment
GBJ General Personnel Policies:  Criminal Record Checks
GBK General Personnel Policies:  Employee Safety and Violence Prevention​
GBL General Personnel Policies:  Teacher Relations Committee​
GBM General Personnel Policies: Alcohol and Drugs
GCJ Professional Staff:  Assignment – Teacher Placement
GDC Professional Staff:  Duties and Responsibilities – Teachers
GDH​ Professional Staff:  Duties and Responsibilities – Principals
GDI Professional Staff:  Duties and Responsibilities – Vice/Assistant Principals:  Elementary Schools
GEA Professional Staff:  Professional Growth of Teachers
GEB Professional Staff:  Supervision, Professional Development and Evaluation of School-Based Administrators
GEC Professional Staff:  Performance Appraisals – Teachers
GED Professional Staff:  Supervision, Professional Development and Evaluation of Board Office Staff
GFA Professional Staff:  Leaves of Absence:  Compassionate, Maternity, Adoption, Parental, Short-Term and Extended
GHA Professional Staff:  Qualifications and Selection:  General Expectations
GHB Professional Staff:  Qualifications and Selection:  Religious Education Policy
GHBA​ Professional Staff:  Qualifications and Selection:  Faith Administrative Leadership​
​GJA Service and Support Staff:  Schools – Caretakers
GKB​ Service and Support Staff:  Supervision, Professional Development and Evaluation ​
GLA Expectations for Staff Dress
GMA​ Nepotism​
GNA ​Staff Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect​
​​​Code H – Curriculum and Instruction​​
​​​​HAA Elementary School Recess Breaks
HAB Elementary School Subject Time Allotments
HAD Number of Days of Instructional Time
HAE Number of Hours of Instructional Time
HBA Selection of Learning Resources
HBAA Challenged Learning Resources
​​HBC​ Distribution of New Testaments by the Gideon Society
HBD Second Language Learning Other Than English
HBE Family Life Education
HBG ​Student Travel: School Excursions
HBGA Student Travel: International Educational Tour Excursions ​
HBH School Band and Instrumental Music
HBJ School Programs: Supporting Students with Diverse Learning Needs
HBK School Programs: Specialized Programs and Services
HBL Technology Acceptable Use Policy
HBM Special Project Credit
HBN High School Course Challenge Process
HBO School Programs: Physical Education Safety Guidelines
HBP ​Physical Activity Policy​
HBQ Credit Recovery
HBR Apprenticeship Credit
HCB Student Assessment and Reporting
HCC Grade Retention Policy – Kindergarten to Grade 8​​
HDA Nutrition​
​​​​Code I – Students​​
​IAA School Fees
IAB Fundraising
IAC Interrogations and Search
IAE School Board Awards to Students
IBA Children who are Wards of the Government​​
IBB Children whose Parents or Guardians Reside Outside of Saskatoon
IBC Kindergarten
IBD Admittance of Non-Catholic Elementary Students
IBE Year One
IBF School Admissions-Early Learning Intensive Support
ICA Compulsory Attendance
ICB ​Dismissal in Cases of Emergency​
ICC ​School Attendance Areas
ICD Home Based Education
IDA Student Discipline – General Statement
IDB Conduct and Duties
IDBB Expectations for Student Dress
IDBC School Uniforms
IDC Conduct on School Buses
IDD Anti-Bullying Policy
IDE Suspension and Expulsion
IEA Confidentiality of Records
IFA Accidents
IFB Administration of Medication and Medical Procedures
IFBE Personal Care
IFBH Life Threatening Conditions
IFBI Operational Procedure-Approach to Dealing with a Student with COVID-19 Symptoms in School
IFBJ Operational Procedure-Approach to Dealing with Students Returning to School After Displaying COVID-19 Symptoms
IFC Fire Safety and Fire Drills
IFD School Safety Patrols
IFE Unusual Threats
IFF Emergency Response Planning – Securing the Facility
IGA​ Before and After School Hours​
IGB Supervision During Non-Instructional Times
IHA Service Dogs in School
​​​Code J – School-Community Relations
​​JAA Advertising and Soliciting
JBC Parent School Community Councils
JCA School Personnel
JCB Police Resource Officers
JCC School Volunteers
JCD Volunteer Coach (Non-Staff) – Selection and Regulations
JDA Facility Rentals​
JDC Use of School Facilities – Provision of Facilities for Pre-School Programs
JEA Associate Schools -Statement of Position
JFA Research Projects, Surveys, Studies​
JGA Corporate Involvement
JHA​ Commercially Bottled Water​
JHB  External Food Donation: Usage & Adherence to Provincial Food Safe Bylaws


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