SMS Staff

Stepping on the campus of SMS School, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.

Name Title Grade
Mohamed Hajinoor Principal
Charlene Kenny Vice Principal 3
Shafii Mohamed Director
Maimuna Noor Islamic Teacher PreK, KG-3
Shannon Grant Teacher 1
Tammy Louise Booth Peterson Teacher 2
Adrienne Janzen, Resource
Arin Turner Teacher 4-5
John Abdulnour Teacher 5-6
Iman Awad Teacher 8
Michael Jerome EAL
Erika Bakker Teacher KG-Librarian
Adel El-Jadeed Quran Teacher
Inchirah Awad Arabic Teacher
Amal Abdelsalam Arabic Teacher
Amany Helal Arabic Teacher
Ayesha Asim Teacher 7
Sadia Afzal Islamic Teacher
Faiza Aftab EA
Ahmed Bwana Admin Assistant-Students Affairs
Yurdagul Ferhatoglu Admin Assistant – Finance
Monira Yasin Caretaker
Mohamed Jeilani Bus Driver
Amina Masuo Bus Driver - EA
Fawzia Elmi Care Taker
Monira Taha Care Taker